Creating Confetti Cash

Creating Confetti Cash

“The development and production of electric-powered vehicles was a key strategic decision of the former Socialist government of Prime Minister José Socrates.”  Portuguese American Journal

"....we already know what has happened to the "Eneropa" region called "Solaria", that is Spain, Italy and
Portugal. All these countries have not only sealed the ruin of their national economies through an uncontrolled explosion of sovereign debt, but have added to that debt, especially through totally unsustainable solar energy subsidies, grants and cheap loans.  The political deciders who allowed this to happen, who cannot in fact be called deciders because of their refusal to govern - shown by their collective belief in "letting free markets decide" - have quite powerfully intensified their national economic ruin by rushing to throw public  money at so-called green energy..."
Andrew McKillop

"In June 2009 I started a blog and ranted about NISSAN’s wasteful spending of taxpayer money,  the company was applying for a DOE loan of over 1 billon dollars.  I blogged that  NISSAN executives knew their EV 'the Leaf' was to be a failure before they got the federal funds & blogged that NISSAN owes a county in Tennessee almost 4 billion in IDB bonds and by 'creative' wording they figured out how"to use their debt (the bond) as collateral for the DOE loan." Sharyn Bovat

Electric Car Promoters, Politicians, Profiteers & the Paying Public

Creating Confetti Cash


Andrew McKillop is a former Expert-Policy and Programming, Division A-Policy, DG XVII-Energy, with the European Commission, Brussels. He writes and consults about the impact of oil prices on the economy

Sharyn Bovat is a former research worker connected to CIA & American political operatives.  In 2009 while working for a NISSAN board member she learned of a scheme that would waste American tax dollars.  Bovat became a whistleblower and identified mass fraud in the Department of Energy’s push to fund President Obama’s “pet project.” The electric car. 

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